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The Bigger Picture: Reflections on the Great War


War is one of the most difficult subjects to tackle, especially a war so deeply embedded in the national consciousness, and about which so much brilliant and heart-wringing writing has already been produced, particularly by men and women with first-hand experience. For the modern writer to put him - or herself - in that context demands an almost impossible feat of imagination. Then there is the task of translating that experience into words: the physical brutality and sordidness, the high emotions any war engenders, would overwhelm if not ‘contained’ by the literary skills of the poet or storyteller. This book is made up of poems and short stories written to mark the centenary of the outset of the Great War


ISBN-10: 0992947332

ISBN-13: 978-0992947330

Ol Donyo Ebor: climbing the mountain


Follow Luigi where 'the Earth bends away/from its people' and 'too many rain dogs huddle', before he begins the arduous 'rest/climb/rest/climb' which will eventually take him to the summit.


Alongside these lovely poems the book is illustrated in colour with Luigi's own photographs. And it's a most pleasing square shape. And all profits from sales go to Dementia UK, for which charity he undertook his sponsored trek in 2012 and raised a magnificent £3,500. In fact this book is a wonderful thing to own on so many levels.


ISBN-10: 0992947324

ISBN-13: 978-0992947323

Siege Of Canterbury: Millennial Creative Writing Competition


Anthology of prose and poetry based around the siege and subsequent sack of Canterbury by the Vikings in eleventh century. Commissioned works as well as winning and short-listed entries in the international competition run by SaveAsWriters in 2011.


ISBN: 978-0992947316

Words, Words, Words: Anthology of writing based on Shakespeare and his works


The year 2013 marked the sexcentenary of the death of King Henry IV, who chose to have his remains interred in the heart of Canterbury Cathedral close to the shrine of St Thomas Becket. The Canterbury-based SaveAsWriters, passionate about promoting Kent’s literary and cultural heritage, launched an International Shakespeare Writing Competition to mark the anniversary. Writers and poets were invited to produce works using Shakespeare and his works as inspiration.


ISBN-10: 0992947308

ISBN-13: 978-0992947309

Between The Lines


First SaveAs anthology.


£5 plus postage and packaging

Where Words Rub Together


SavaAs anthology.


£5 plus postage and packaging

Putting On Voices


New writing to celebrate Dickens’ bicentenary.


£5 plus postage and packaging

Missed Heartbeats


Missed Heartbeats brings together some of the very best of today’s poetry in one volume. Marilyn Donovan’s wise and nimble writing delights in its rich and playful investigations; Nicky Gould’s poems deliver, with passion and clarity, invaluable insights into the workings of the mind and heart; Louise McCudden unmasks the delicious, dark and disturbing truths of human experience that sparkle beneath the thin veneer of civility. This is a great opportunity to explore the work of these three talented poets.


£4.50 plus postage and packaging

Non Save As publications by Save As members

Curious Voices

Gillian Laker


These poems are inspired by items from the collection of The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury, bringing to life the curious voices of objects with a deftness of touch enhanced by the accompanying drawings.


ISBN-10: 1910836613

ISBN-13: 978-1910836613



There Is Another Way

Gary Michael Studley


Strangeness at the peripheral.

Ambush, rush & thwack of love.

What is done & in whose name.

Friendship, loss & paper landslides.

Obsession & the need to move.

Youth, rows, roofs & victories.

Social justice & keeping on.

All this & more



Breath-Taking: a Geography

Jeffrey Loffman


What takes your breath away?


For Jeffrey Loffman, it is our relations with each other and the landscape which surrounds us. It is in exertions over hills, moorland, beauty, vision and mortality. It is in the horror of state violence which includes war and suffering, and it is in a gallery of portraits whose various heroisms inspire the breath-taking.


ISBN 978-1-910855-31-7