SaveAs Competition 2014


Canterbury's Liveliest Writing Group

And the Winner is .....

SaveAs Competition 2014

Winners Awards Evening

9 March 2014, Jolly Sailor, Canterbury


1st Prize: Hearing the Song - Eugene H Bales

2nd Prize: Ritual (Those were The Days, My Friend) - Gary Studley

3rd Prize: How Beautiful - Maria McCarthy


Derma - Anna Maconochie

If Not Yourself, Who Would You Be -  Anna Maconochie

Whatever is said, it will not Pacify - Gary Studley

In the Wheat Field-  Petra Mcqueen


1st Prize: Classification: Ursus Consolativus  - Nancy Charley

2nd Prize: Slackwater Blues - Jo Field

3rd Prize: Coat Hangers - Victoria Field


Origami - Margaret Beston

In the Rose Garden - Clifford Liles

Cuban Soul - Maggie Yaxley Smith

Fever Ship - Derek Sellen

Ravenna 2 - Roger James

Judges' reports

Poetry Judge: Abegail Morley report

Prose Judge: Sonia Overall report