News archive 2016

NEWS 2016


Rebellion Workshop

An excellent workshop led by Derek Sellen. Inspired by poems of rebellion such as Jenny Joseph's 'Warning' and Dylan Thomas's 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night', we wrote poetry and short prose pieces on childhood and adult rebellion. We were then challenged to think about acts of rebellion, both in our own lives and those of others. Building on the theme we imagined what it would have been like to be one of the soldiers or peasants involved in the Battle of Bossenden Wood, the last battle on English soil. I felt very inspired by the workshop and came away with the germ of a poem and a short story which I shall develop further. Thank you to Save As for organising this thought-provoking event.

Michelle Crowther

Book Review

Mary Anne Smith

Commended in the Cafe Writers competition.

Shortlisted in the O'Bheal Five Words competition.

Second-placed winner in a competition run by Paper Swans Press and the National Trust at Sissinghurst Castle, on the theme of roses

'Handed Down' long-listed for Poet of the Year 2016

Roger James


'Late Turner' won third place in the Roundel Poetry Competition 2016

'Bringing Back the Damsons' short-listed for Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2016

'Passing Trains' and 'Four Elements : Air' long-listed for Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2016

Luigi Marchini

Author of 'Ol Donyo Ebor: climbing the mountain' available on Amazon. All profits going to Dementia UK. So far £100 has been raised - Thank you to everyone who has bought it!

Shortlisted for "East Kent People's Award Category" - 2014

Shortlisted for the Canterbury Culture Awards,  "East Kent People’s Award" Category - 2013

Nominated for Canterbury Culture Awards 2011

Gillian Laker


‘A memory of owls’ published in Datableed


‘The Cauldron and the Casket’ Selected for Kent Life anthology

'Willows' runner-up for the Brighton Flash Fiction prize. To be published in 2017 in a Rattle Bag anthology.


Gary Studley


'Landfill' long-listed for Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2016

'The Core' has been accepted for the online magazines GULLZINE 2 and SALTZINE

Curous Voices - Poems inspired by items from the collection of The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury. Out early 2017

Derek Sellen


Ragwort’ short-listed in O’Bheal Five Words Competition

‘Prokofiev Piano Concerto No 3’ short-listed In Hungry Hill Competition: Poets Meet Politics

'The Abbey Ruins' Mary Evans Picture Library

'The Unravelling and Images From the Work and The Coming of Postcodes to the Peninsular' long-listed for Poet of the Year 2016


‘The Naming Of The Animals’ Broadcast april 3rd on Channel Radio

‘Annie’s Dad’ Selected for Kent Life anthology

Greta Ross


'Partin Points' long-listed for Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2016