Shakespearean Poetry & Prose Competition 2013


Canterbury's Liveliest Writing Group

Shakespearean Poetry & Prose Competition 2013

Winners Awards Evening

26 October 2013, Dominican Priory, Canterbury


1st Prize: Iago's Labours - Julian Gyll-Murray

2nd Prize: The Taming of the Tiger - Sarah Doyle

3rd Prize: I'll Do, I'll Do, and I'll Do - Geralyn Pinto


A Pitiful of Ink - Rosalind Brown

Exit Pursued - Don Nixon

Such Sweet Sorrow - Vicky Joynson

Our Dearest Child - Janice Fox


1st Prize: Perfecting Lady M - Geraldine Clarkson

2nd Prize: Anthony's Wife - Heather Harrison 

3rd Prize: Ophelia - Marilyn Donovan


Claudio and Isabella - Anne Ballard 

A Rogue and Peasant Slave - David Lukens   

Judges' report

Prose - Victoria Grainger - read

Poetry - Gillian Laker read